The Law Office of Catherine O’Meara: Attorney of Detroit, Michigan

Specializing in Criminal Defense in the Metro Detroit Area

The Law Office of Catherine O’Meara is a criminal defense firm based in Eastpointe, Michigan. Attorney Catherine O’Meara is known throughout the Eastpointe area for her impressive legal skill, as well as her compassionate counsel. Her law firm is an excellent resource for anybody who has been accused of committing a crime in the state of Michigan.

Service Area

Located in Eastpointe, The Law Office of Catherine O’Meara serves clients residing throughout Michigan. However, the vast majority of the firm’s clients live and work in the Detroit area. Catherine O’Meara has a long history as a Michigan lawyer and is intimately familiar with the state’s criminal justice system. This local understanding allows her to seamlessly navigate even the most complex of criminal cases in her home state. Clients from throughout the Detroit area continually commend her for her impressive legal knowledge and her commitment to favorable results, both in and out of court.

Practice Areas

Catherine O’Meara has long been passionate about criminal law. She represents a wide range of clients, charged with an equally wide range of crimes. Regardless of whether these clients are accused of committing petty misdemeanors or severe felonies, she always treats them with the utmost in respect. She takes great satisfaction in her ability to deliver satisfactory case resolutions. Depending on the case, this may involve dropped charges, reduced sentencing, or not guilty verdicts. The Law Office of Catherine O’Meara is thus an excellent resource for anybody dealing with the confusion of the Michigan criminal justice system.

Dependable Criminal Defense at The Law Office of Catherine O’Meara

After being charged with a crime, you may feel confused, anxious, or angry. Do not let the strong emotions you experience during this difficult time cloud your judgment or cause you to make devastating missteps with your criminal case. The sooner you reach out to a trusted criminal defense attorney, the greater your prospect for emerging with minimal sentencing — or with a clear record. Consider getting in touch with Catherine O’Meara, who has an impressive background as a criminal defense attorney. She will equip you with the legal knowledge and the aggressive defense you need during  this trying time. Contact The Law Office of Catherine O’Meara today to learn more about the firm’s legal services and its exceptional track record.

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