Catherine O’Meara

Catherine O’Meara: A Respected Eastpointe Attorney

A respected criminal defense attorney with an impressive reputation throughout the state of Michigan, Catherine O’Meara is passionate about defending the rights of alleged criminal offenders. Her passion is evident through every phase of the criminal justice process, beginning with initial questioning and extending into the courtroom setting. Whether she’s meeting in private with her clients or aggressively defending them in court, it’s always clear that she respects them, regardless of their criminal allegations.

Education and Work History

Long a proud Michigan resident, Catherine O’Meara attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. After graduating with her Bachelor of General Studies, she moved on to law school at Wayne State University. During this time, she discovered her passion for criminal law. Upon obtaining her Juris Doctor, she began her legal career at Uaw Legal Services Plan. She also worked for several years with Omeara&Omeara, PLLC and with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. Eventually, she decided that she could best serve the local community by launching her own law firm.

Since 2004, Catherine O’Meara has guided a variety of Michigan residents through the state’s complex criminal justice system. Throughout the entirety of her career as a legal advocate, she has elected to represent individuals in need, rather than large corporations. Her clients consistently speak well of her attention to detail and her obvious sense of compassion.

Association Memberships

Catherine O’Meara believes that involvement with professional associations is essential for legal professionals, as it keeps them up to date with important industry developments. She has been involved with the Wayne County Criminal Defense Bar Association and the State Bar of Michigan for well over a decade. She was the vice president of the Wayne County Criminal Defense Bar Association for three years. She enjoys close legal connections throughout the state and is regarded favorably by her fellow attorneys.

Catherine O’Meara: Passionate Criminal Defense

A trusted criminal defense attorney with a long track record of success, Catherine O’Meara prides herself on her empathetic counsel and her aggressive courtroom representation. She gives each of her clients the individualized attention they deserve, taking care to build strong attorney-client relationships in which clients are given access to all of the information they require. No matter what type of crime you’ve been accused of committing, you can count on Catherine O’Meara for strong legal advocacy.

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